Lorna Wilhelm Livingston

Lorna Wilhelm Livingston – Tympani

How long have you been playing and when did you start? (School, age, etc.)
I began piano at 9 years old, violin at 11 years old, accordion at 15 years old, tympani at 16 years old — and on through college. Then I had a BIG hiatus for 52-1/2 years until resuming tympani.

What other groups (if any) have you played in over the years or are you currently playing in? Please include military.
In the ’40’s I played accordion professionally. I have played in MN State Band and Brooklyn community band. Currently I play in the Iowa State University Alumni Marching Band (32 yrs), Richfield Symphonic Band (11 yrs), Normandale College Band (11 yrs),
Northern Winds Concert Band (4-1/2 yrs), Mpls. Police Band (2-1/2 yrs), and Westwood Synod Senior Band (2 yrs).

Have you played continuously, or did your instrument gather dust in the closet for several years? What brought you back?
My husband wouldn’t allow me to play in ANY bands after we were married (Bummer!). TWO WEEKS after he entered the VA Home, we attended a concert there by the Richfield Band, and the NEXT DAY I phoned the director, and asked if I could understudy the Tympani player. After audition night I replaced their Tympani player. Two weeks after that I was invited to Normandale Band, etc., etc. Even though I was RUSTY (after 52-1/2 years!) I am making up for lost time.

What do you like about playing in Northern Winds?
It gave me an EXCELLENT excuse to vacate a VERY AMETEUR Community Band–plus it is closer to home.

Anything else you would like to include: Current employment, school, (music degree), retirement, family—whatever you would like known about you!!
I have a B.S. Degree (Textiles & Clothing) and taught in Singer Sewing Centers until my babies came. I have been teaching Adult Education classes for Mpls. Public Schools at S.W. High School (Slipcovers, Window Shades, Draperies) since 1974.
I have 2 sons (Air Force Academy grads–now ret.), 2 daughters (formerly–1 Air Force, other Army), 1 daughter (formerly skater in Ice Capades), 5 grandchildren. NONE of my family lives in the Twin Cities area. I am also a volunteer at the airport’s Armed Forces Service Center (my weekly shift is midnight-4am Fri.) PLUS am one of the 2 dozen ‘Meet-N-Greeters’ for troop planes when they come through MSP for refueling on way to and from ‘over there’. So far we have met 268 flights, and over 67,000 troops since we began our ‘Mobile Canteen’ to their gates in April, 2007.