About Us

Our History


Northern Winds Concert Band was established in 1979 by a group of Bloomington Kennedy High School parents to give adults who play instruments an opportunity to continue playing beyond their high school and college years.

We were originally associated with Bloomington Community Education and the listing in their catalog was entitled “Strike Up the Band!” And so we did just that–dusted off our instruments and came to Monday night practice–and some original members are still here playing with us all these years later!

We have expanded from those early days to a membership of about 30 players and not just adults. We have members still in high school and college as well as some who are retired, others  working jobs, raising families, all ages in between.

The season begins with rehearsals in September shortly after Labor Day of each year (at Richfield Middle School, 7461 Oliver Ave. South in Richfield) and continue through July of the following year. The band performs monthly concerts at senior facilities during the winter and a handful of concerts May through July at various venues in the metro area.