Joe Speakman

Joe Speakman – Conductor, Trumpet

How long have you been playing and when did you start? (School, age, etc.)
I’ve been playing since the 4th Grade.

What other groups (if any) have you played in over the years or are you currently playing in? Please include military.
I play in House of Prayer Lutheran Church Wind Ensemble and Brass Ensemble.

Have you played continuously, or did your instrument gather dust in the closet for several years? What brought you back?
My horn has never sat gathering dust. I’ve been playing throughout high school, college and into my adult years.

What do you like about playing in Northern Winds?
As the conductor of the Northern Winds, my passion for music, and my training are continuing beyond the college years. I feel like I’m fulfilling one of the purposes of my life.

Anything else you would like to include: Current employment, school, (music degree), retirement, family—whatever you would like known about you!!
I attended Concordia College and graduated 1972. I taught elementary and high school band in the Cleveland, Ohio Lutheran School System ’72 – ’74. Since ’75, I’ve been playing with the House of Prayer music groups. On January 2000, I took over as conductor for the Northern Winds Concert Band. I have 4 sons, 1 daughter, 3 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters.