Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson – Clarinet, Tenor & Alto Sax

How long have you been playing and when did you start? (School, age, etc.)
Started clarinet in 7th grade; added sax along the way for dance band use.

What other groups (if any) have you played in over the years or are you currently playing in? Please include military.
Over 60 years of playing a wide variety of music. Dance bands, (including 24 years with Zuhrah Shrine Jolly Nobles), concert bands, community theatre orchestras, Dixieland bands. 31st Infantry “Dixie” Division 110-member concert and marching Army band, 1953-1955. Currently play clarinet and sax in Zuhrah Shrine Dixie Kats and Somewhat Dixieland bands.

What do you like about playing in Northern Winds?
It keeps my lip in shape and I try to stay on Joe’s good side by creating the concert programs and sending out the reminder maps.

Anything else you would like to include: Current employment, school, (music degree), retirement, family—whatever you would like known about you!!
Married for 51 years to Norita (NW baritone section.) Two daughters, Deb and Sue (also NW baritone section.) Two grandchildren; one on sax, one on clarinet. Retired 23 years ago, at age 52, from First Bank Minneapolis Trust Stock Transfer Department. (Second) smartest thing I ever did.