Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker – Clarinet

What other groups (if any) have you played in over the years or are you currently playing in? Please include military.
After a short ‘stint’ with the Calhoun Isles Band, I joined the Hopkins Westwind Community Band in January 2007. I joined the Northern Winds later that year, in September 2007.

Have you played continuously, or did your instrument gather dust in the closet for several years? What brought you back?
I didn’t play much for about 30 years due to dental problems. Kudos to my dentist, who’s also a clarinet player, for bringing me back.

What do you like about playing in Northern Winds?
I like the informality. I’m usually pleasantly surprised by the standard of our performances, but I believe they could be even better.

Anything else you would like to include: Current employment, school, (music degree), retirement, family—whatever you would like known about you!!
I worked as a piano technician in England before I came here. Within the last few years I have got back into that work.  I have also spent quite a bit of time playing ‘ragtime’ piano but not so much at present. I played at the State Fair a few times and also attended several ragtime festivals.