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Calendar 2019
January 7No RehearsalBuilding not available
January 147:15 PMRehearsal - Hand in XMas musicHouse of Prayer, RICHFIELD
January 217:15 PMRehearsalHouse of Prayer, RICHFIELD
January 287:15 PMRehearsal - ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS
February 47:15 PMRehearsal
February 102:00 PMConcertMasonic Home, BLOOMINGTON
February 117:15 PMRehearsal
February 187:15 PMRehearsal??? Joe out of town...Guest Conductor?
February 257:15 PMRehearsal
March 47:15 PMRehearsal
March 117:15 PMRehearsal
March 187:15 PMRehearsal
March 257:00 PMConcertMN Vets Home
April 17:15 PMRehearsal
April 87:15 PMRehearsal
April 157:15 PMRehearsal
April 227:15 PMRehearsal
April 283:00 PMConcertCommons on Marice, EAGAN
April 297:15 PMRehearsal??? To Be Discussed
May 67:15 PMRehearsal
May 127:00 PMMother's Day ConcertEdinborough Park, EDINA
May 13NO Rehearsal
May 207:15 PMLast Rehearsal
May 27No Rehearsal - Memorial Day
June 37:00 PMConcertApple Valley Villa, APPLE VALLEY
June 96:00 PM (3:30 PM rehearsal?)ConcertNew Band Shell, RICHFIELD
June 177:00 PMConcertComo Park Lakside Pavilion
June 247:00 PMConcert (XLD)The Timbers, Apple Valley
July 1No Band
July 87:15 PMConcertFriendship Village, BLOOMINGTON
July 146:00 PMConcertThe Glen Hopkins, HOPKINS
July 157:00 PMConcert (XLD)The Timbers, Apple Valley
July 217:00 PMConcertCentennial Lakes, EDINA
July 287:15 PMConcert & Ice Cream SocialHouse of Prayer, RICHFIELD
August 56:00 PMFile Music/Pizza PartyHouse of Prayer, RICHFIELD